Amber Beads 12cm, 14cm, amber bracelet, amber anklet
Dark Cognac Olive Bead Bracelet/Anklet - 12 & 14cm

Dark Cognac Olive Bead Bracelet/Anklet - 12 & 14cm

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Olive Beads in Dark Gognac - Please ensure you measure the wrist or ankle before ordering as refunds cannot be given for incorrect sizing.

Short Description: Olive Bead Amber Bracelet or Anklet

Style: Olive Bean

Amber: Polished

Length: 12 - 14 cm

Average Weight: 2.1-2.5 g

Color: Dark Gognac

Other Features: Screw bead fastener and individually knotted

NOT SUITABLE FOR UNDER 36 MONTHS. EU Toy safety regulations EN-71-1. Amber is NOT a toy. Do not leave your child unattended, do not allow them to chew on the amber. Keep out of reach when not in use